Online Gallery


After about 24 hours, the pictures are available in the Online Gallery. With the appropriate access code, you have access to your event's Gallery.

GDPR compliant

The images will be uploaded to the Protected Online Gallery in compliance with THE GDPR. Each image or gallery has a unique code that can be used to inscan the image or gallery.
On request, the corresponding QR code is printed on the image, with which you can get directly to the picture.

direct sharing

You can share the images directly from the Gallery via different channels. It is also possible to download the images directly.

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The ultimate fun and entertainment factor at your party?

Check directly online if your desired date is still free.

Online Gallery

Immediately after taking your picture, a QR code will be displayed on the monitor of the photo booth.
Scan the QR code with your smartphone and you can view your picture directly in the online gallery and share it via various channels such as .B WhatsApp or Facebook or download it directly.

Feel free to try it out directly and scan the QR code with your smartphone.

after printing

With the QR code printed on the printout or with the FotoPin you can view your picture up to 6 months after the event in our online gallery. We also offer you the possibility to view the image via various channels such as.B. WhatsApp, Facebook ect. or download to your smartphone or computer.

Feel free to try it out directly and scan the QR code on the picture next door.