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The Party Fun For Your Wedding

Your wedding will be the most beautiful day of your life for you and your loved ones. With the photo box, each guest can take great photos at the celebration individually, in pairs or in groups. This is made possible by the modern equipment of the Clickxelbox with a professional SLR camera, a touch monitor, the high-quality special photo printer and great fun accessories. Your guests can dress up with funny hats and props, use artificial flowers for the image, or leave virtual messages on the picture. You rent the photo box for the duration of your event and then get a USB stick with all the pictures from the clickxelbox. The images can also be loaded onto the mobile phone immediately after recording via QR code. So your guests have fun with the photo box during the party and discover their own highlights and the great photos that other guests have taken later via the online gallery.

*NEW* - Contactless operation of the photobooth

You have just made a nice memory of your attended event with the Clickxelbox? And you would like to send the picture directly to your friends and share it on social networks?

The images taken with the Clickxelbox can be loaded onto your smartphone immediately after recording via a QR code on the monitor via our website. If you don’t have your phone at your fingertips at the moment, no problem. The corresponding QR code is printed on each printout. So you can also share the pictures afterwards or download them to your mobile phone. All you need is an internet connection.

Alternatively, you can send the picture directly by e-mail.

Fotobox online testen

lass dich von der einfachen und intuitiven Bedienung überzeugen


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DSLR camera

A built-in professional Canon DSLR camera captures high-resolution and fabulous images of you.


The DSLR camera captures images with an impressive 24.1 megapixels.


As a lens for our camera we use a Canon 18-55mm. Depending on the event and circumstances, other lenses are available.

Studio flash

A studio flash in combination with a plugged-in beauty dish ensures optimal lighting conditions.

Setting light

For the live view of the camera on the monitor, the setting light provides the guests with sufficient light for the camera.


In order to optimally highlight the green screen effect, the green background is illuminated evenly with 2 softboxes.


photography 1850469 640 1


printer 1516578 1920

Photo printer

For touchable unforgettable memories in high print quality to the celebration, we use a professional thermal printer for high-quality printouts of the pictures.

Paper stock

The special photo printer can print about 700 images without having to re-enroll the paper.


Optionally, the pictures can be printed in the formats 10x15 cm or 5x15 cm. (by prior arrangement)


A 15-6' touch monitor is built in for easy and uncomplicated operation.


A built-in computer with 16 GB of memory and a fast SSD provides the photobooth with the necessary hardware.


You can make the photobooth shine in various colors. LED's are installed inside the photobooth.


computer 154114 640

Features der Clickxelbox

Bildeffekte, Greenscreen, Sharing, Online Gallery, Support


Whether you're scheduling a wedding, birthday or Christmas party, the printout of your pictures from the photobooth can be customized to your needs. On the printout 1-4 single images can be placed from the photobooth.


You are welcome to send us your own wallpapers, which we place behind the pictures from the photobooth on the printout. It is important that they have a resolution of 1800 x 1200 pixels.

lasting memory

Leave your celebration with your guests through the individual expression in a lasting and tangible memory. Each guest can take home their personal memory of the celebration.

further layout suggestions

Print layout

fotobox layout Geburtstag 2 bilder
fotobox layout hochzeit 4 bilder


vorher nachher architecture 3170607


For the special effect, various filters such as a black and white filter are available.

virtual props

Even if the photo is already taken, virtual props such as cord beards, hearts, emojis and much more can be added afterwards.

individual signature

You can digitally sign your image directly from the Touch monitor and add your personal touch.


You can send the pictures you have taken directly by e-mail. On request, we will adjust the text and content of the sent e-mail for you individually after consultation in advance.


After the shot image, simply scan the displayed QR code on the monitor to save the image to your phone.

Share pictures

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own layout

social media 2786261 640


Do you want an individual layout of the user interface to match your event? We will be happy to create a unique layout of the user interface of the touchscreen monitor to match your celebration.

corporate identity

You want to rent the clickxelbox for your company event and would like to customize the user interface? On request, we will be happy to adapt the user interface of the touchscreen monitor individually and to your corporate identity and to your event.


After about 24 hours, the pictures are available in the Online Gallery. With the appropriate access code, you have access to your event's Gallery.

GDPR compliant

The images will be uploaded to the Protected Online Gallery in compliance with THE GDPR. Each image or gallery has a unique code that can be used to inscan the image or gallery.
On request, the corresponding QR code is printed on the image, with which you can get directly to the picture.

direct sharing

You can share the images directly from the Gallery via different channels. It is also possible to download the images directly.

Online Gallery

internet 315132 640

Background Remover

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without background system

As with the actual green screen, you can take pictures in front of other backgrounds. With the difference that no background system is needed here.


With the AI background removal, we can completely do without the actual green background. The natural background of the location is replaced by the background image of your choice.


You stand against a green background. On the Touch Monitor, you can select the background image. you decide whether you want to be photographed on the beach, in the desert or in front of a castle.


2 softboxes that illuminate the green background ensure an optimal exemption for your person against the background. The setting light and the studio flash above the photo box will put you in the right light.


You are welcome to send us your personal background image for your celebration. Here we have put together a small selection of possible background images for the green screen. There are no frenzys set to the imagination.


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In case you have problems with the photobooth during the event, we can be reached by phone for the duration of the rental.

On-site support

Of course, on-site support is also possible. The support can optionally be booked in the packages M & XL for a fee. The cost is 29€ per hour started.

The ultimate fun and entertainment factor at your party?

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